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21 Days old Baby born with multiple complications and with just 1% chance of survival has now fully recovered at Zen Hospital

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On 21ST April 2020, a baby was born to Mr. Vikas Faltankar with multiple complications. The initial hospital where the baby was born did not have the facility of NICU with ventilators so on 22nd April 2020; the baby was shifted to Zen Hospital with just 1% chance of survival.

Mr. Shivraj Ramdas Pandit Founder of Chembur Welfare Brigade came forward with financial help to the family to ensure a good uninterrupted treatment with a maximum possible discount if possible. A mutual decision about the same was taken and it was decided that the treatment to Mr. Vikas Faltankar’s baby will be made available at an optimum cost, all thanks to the Dean of Zen Hospital Dr. Ashish Dogra and Dr. Aatish Laddad head of NICU from Kohinoor Hospital.

Hence the treatment began with our team of NICU (NewBorn Intensive Care Unit) doctors at Zen Multispecialty, and the baby gradually started to show signs of improvement every day from 1% survival chance to 12% survival chance to 25% which enabled the baby to be taken off the ventilator and also the breathing pipe which was embedded in his chest was removed. The baby eventually showed 45% chances of survival which helped the baby to start breathing on his own. With all this dedication and commitment we are very proud to declare that the baby is now normal and has been discharged from the hospital too.

We thank the NICU doctors and their team for their commitment specially, Dr. Rohit Narvekar, Dr. Roy Patankar, Dr. Kavita Gohil and Dr. Aatish Laddad. Zen Multispecialty Hospital also acknowledges Chembur Welfare Brigade and Co-members on one hand arranged for financial resources for the treatment, while on the other hand took personal update of the baby from the doctors and father on a daily basis. We also thank the other Chemburites who prayed for the recovery.

We’ve seen the best of humanity in these crucial times where people stuck by each other through it all and we are extremely thankful and grateful to the doctors and nurses who proved that humanity is worth fighting for.

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