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The Future Of Knee Replacement Surgery in Chembur, Mumbai Is Now Here At Zen Hospital

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robotic knee replacement surgery in mumbai
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Painless Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Chembur, Mumbai At Zen Hospital

This surgery is performed by robotic arms. With the help of this technique, it becomes easier to perform surgeries with more accuracy. There are chances of error from humans but robotic surgery is made for precision. This technology is highly innovative and gives doctors better assistance.

robotic knee surgery in mumbai
Benefit With Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Painless Surgery
  • Faster Recovery
  • 100 % Accuracy
  • Lesser tissue Damage
  • Less Blood Loss

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A Simple And Quick Process
First Consultation
Pre Surgery Planning By The Surgeon (Virtual Simulation) A Day Prior To Surgery
Fitness Before Surgery
CT Scan Before The Surgery
Admission For Surgery
Early Discharge From Hospital
Start Of Physiotherapy Within Few Are Of Surgery
Pain-Free Speedy Recovery
Surgery With Submillimeter Accuracy By The Team Of Trained Skilled Surgeon & Robot With Fully Automatic Arm.
Robotic Surgery Specialties At Zen
Dr. Rakesh Nair
(D. Ortho) D.N.B (Ortho)

Chief Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Rakesh Nair Is A Consultant Knee Replacement Surgeon At Zen Super Specialty Hospital (Chembur), Specializing In Exclusive Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Chembur, Mumbai. Zen Hospital Have State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure That Attracts Patients From All Over India And Abroad.

Dr. Nair Brings With Him A Wealth Of Experience As A Knee Replacement Surgeon Since 1999, Having Done Over 3,000 Knee Replacement Surgeries Over The Past 25 Years. Dr. Nair Has Completed A Course In Primary And Revision Knee Surgery At The Faculty Hospitals Prague And Brno In The Czech Republic. He Has Specialized In High-Flexion Total Knee Replacement, Dealing Specifically With Knee Replacement In Women

  • World-class training in Computer-Assisted Total Knee Replacement in Melbourne, Australia, and Frankfurt, Germany
  • Certified course on Revision Knees using Navigation in Thailand and Customized Jigs in Chicago and Seoul (Korea)
  • Completed a certified course on Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Seoul (Korea)
  • Minimally Invasive Total Knee Arthroplasty at Chula Long Korn Hospital, Thailand
robotic knee surgery in mumbai

Call us now +91 8591140077 to get a painless treatment from expert Doctor

Benefits of Painless Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Chembur, Mumbai

➢ Pre-planning- surgery can be accurately preplanned before the actual surgery is done

➢ Implant size planned before surgery- necessary implant size can be made available during the surgery

➢ Reduced time of surgery & associated complications-pre-planning reduce surgical time which helps reduce the time of anaesthesia

➢ Sub mm accuracy & precision- robotic arm & its burring tool delivers submillimeter accuracy

➢ Customise alignment-boon to patients with severe deformity

➢ Painless surgery- fastest surgery accuracy & precision reduces the pain after the surgery

➢ Faster recovery- mobilization within few hours help faster recovery

➢ No need of blood transfusion

➢ Early discharge

➢ Reduced medication

➢ Safety surgery- loads of inbuilt safety features make it safe

➢ Longevity of implants & long-term good results- accurate placement of implants with precision & alignment result in longevity of implants

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Sourabh Bhagat
Sourabh Bhagat
I am very thankful to Zen Hospital and Dr .Santosh Palkar for curing my father's health problem with his skillful treatment. I really appreciate all the doctors and nursing staff for their commitment. Thank you so much !
aishwarya bhave
aishwarya bhave
My mother Rajashree Bhave is forever grateful to Dr Roy Patankar for his accurate diagnosis followed by appropriate treatment. Thanks a lot to him and his entire team. Special thanks also to Dr Vishakha!
Sumitra Mane
Sumitra Mane
Very nice services And excellent service. All staff are very co operative.
Rajendra Devkule
Rajendra Devkule
Well explained Great knowledge and and quick diagnosis Great treatment Thank you
Manjushree Shrivastav
Manjushree Shrivastav
As a patient always in a hurry, I need to state this loudly and very clearly. This is one Medical Team always there for you....no matter what. Happy Modak time to All, on that note. Also, would love to use this public platform to endorse that one anti-fever, anti-pain medicine which I find, somehow, even safer than Dolo, Crocin. It is Calpol. Thanks. In continuation.... (and in the context of the AYUSH query), this is my re-reply (I am currently unable to get to the previous reply I made online....hence...) AYUSH, I think is a group of Alternate Medicine Practices that does Not include Allopathy. It is an online system (computer network of health-related information). Now, I remember having mentioned CGHS and/or ESIC. These two terms are slightly different to AYUSH, I believe. But, if I may, empaneling hospitals under AYUSH always comes at humongous cost pertaining to electronic devices/software etc. (not to mention, unwanted, vicious confusion between lines of treatment; modes of treatment). Please note, this is my personal opinion only. So does Zen Multispecialty Hospital need empaneling under AYUSH? Depends on how many BAMS and/or BHMS doctors are practicing there, among other things. As for Govt. guidelines (if any) in this regard, it is between BMC and Zen Multispecialty. Hope this helps. Thanks.
sindhu mehta
sindhu mehta
Dr Prathamesh @ Casulty has given wonderful service

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