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Laser Piles Treatment

Painless Laser Piles Treatment

What are Piles (hemorrhoids)?
Piles or hemorrhoids are dilated blood vessels presenting like lumps in and around your bottom (anus). They are one of the most common ailments known.

What are the treatment options at Zen hospital?
Correct diagnosis is very crucial when treating piles as there are other dangerous conditions such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, or cancer of the large intestine which may present with bleeding per rectum and the only way to diagnose is by doing a colonoscopy.
Initially we offer conservative treatment using medicines and ointments and most of the patients responded to treatment and do not require surgery.
For patients who do not respond to medicines and have smaller piles (Grade I and II), we can offer procedures like Sclerotherapy (a medicine is injected into your piles to make them shrink) or banding (a medicated elastic band on the bleeding piles)
For larger piles (Grade III & IV), surgery is required and surgical option includes removal of piles (Hemorrhoidectomy) by either open technique or using a specialized stapler or Laser.
We are also one of few centers offering the most advanced Best Piles surgery Hospital in Chembur, Mumbai and we’ve got the Best Doctors for Piles Operation.

What are the advantages of piles laser treatment as compared to other treatment options?
Laser surgery can be performed on a Daycare basis. By using a laser, the surgeon can pinpoint the exact tissue that needs to be treated thus injury to surrounding tissue is minimal which leads to faster healing. The procedure is minimally invasive; hence either no pain or minimal pain and the patient can be discharged on the same day. Since the blood vessels in the anal region are sealed off by the laser, minimum bleeding is caused during the procedure.
In brief, Piles, a common problem can be successfully managed with proper diagnosis, preventive measures, and different available treatment options. People should become aware and should not ignore any bleeding through the rectum.