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Fissure Treatment

Fissure Surgery Hospital in Chembur, Mumbai

What anal fissures?

An anal fissure is a tear or open sore (ulcer) that develops in the lining of the large intestine, near the anus.

Treatment for anal fissure: 

  1. Avoid constipation and regular exercise may help in prevention
  2.  Plenty of fibre in diet, such as fruit and vegetables and staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids
  3. Avoiding dehydration
  4. Soaking your bottom in a warm bath several times a day, particularly after a bowel movement, to relax the muscles in your anus

Medicines –
Glyceryl trinitrate
Topical anaesthetics
Calcium channel blockers

Surgery –
Surgery may be recommended if other treatments haven’t worked.
It is generally considered to be the most effective treatment for anal fissures, with more than 90% of people experiencing good long-term results.
Commonest procedure performed is Fissurectomy with Lateral sphincterotomy
In This procedure- Fissure is either excised or scrapped and a lateral sphincterotomy done making a small cut in the ring of muscle surrounding the anal canal (sphincter) to help reduce the tension in your anal canal. This allows the anal fissure to heal and reduces your chances of developing any more fissures.
Most people will fully heal within 2 to 4 weeks.
Advancement anal flaps
Advancement anal flaps involve taking healthy tissue from surrounding area of the anus to cover the diseased area. This is specifically used for patient whose sphincters are already lax.

Laser Surgery for fissure –
Sphincterotomy as described above can be also achieved using Laser energy. The bleeding with Laser is definitely less, however there are no other great advantages of laser in anal fissure.

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