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Zen hospital along with Delta Imagining is recognized as the leading radiology and imaging hospital in Chembur Mumbai, India because of its commitment towards providing pioneering radio-diagnosis services to patients and consulting physicians. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our radiology and imaging division utilizes highly-trained technicians and highly-skilled staff to provide the highest level of care. A comprehensive view of your condition is enabled with the best in market 2D and 3D technology, which enables faster, safer, and more effective treatment. Zen hospital offers the best radiology and imaging treatment in Chembur Mumbai, India, such as MRIs, color Dopplers, digital mammograms and Angiograms.

  • Advanced neuroimaging with DTI, spectroscopy and perfusion
  • Body imaging with multiphasic liver study and diffusion MRI
  • Non-contrast whole body angiography
  • Robust musculoskeletal and spine imaging
  • Short scan times
  • Neuro-DSA software
  • Low radiation dose
  • Fast post-processing

In mammography, the breast is X-rayed. An early breast cancer sign is detected by a mammogram. Breast cancer is most often found early by mammograms, sometimes up to three years before it becomes noticeable.

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