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CO-RADS, for COVID-19 Reporting and Data System, is a categorical assessment scheme  for chest CT in patients suspected of COVID-19, representing the level of suspicion for pulmonary involvement. The Dutch Radiological Society developed CO-RADS based on other efforts for standardization, such as Lung-RADS or BI-RADS. CO-RADS assesses the suspicion for pulmonary involvement of COVID-19 on a scale from 1 (very low) to 5 (very high). The system is meant to be used in patients presenting with moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19.

The Fleischner Society, in their recent statement,  sees a role for imaging in various scenarios, with imaging, and in particular, CT scanning, as a major tool if symptoms worsen or in an environment that is resource-constrained for RT-PCR

CO-RADS Level of suspicion for Pulmonary Involvement Summary
CO-RADS 0 Not interpretable Scan technically insufficient for assigning a score
CO-RADS 1 Very low Normal or non infectious
CO-RADS 2 Low Typical for other infection but not covid 19.
CO-RADS 3 Equivocal / unsure Features compatible with covid 19, but also other diseases.
CO-RADS 4 High Suspicious of covid 19
CO-RADS 5 Very High Typical for covid 19.
CO-RADS 6 Proven RT-PCR positive for SARS-CoV-2

Xray chest with Covid 19


HRCT Chest(Corads 3)


HRCT Chest (Corads 5)


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