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The Zen Hospital’s Health Check Centre is dedicated to adding years of good health to your life through the early detection of disease and identification of unhealthy lifestyle practices.

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Heart Care

Non Invasive Cardiology, Invasive Cardiology, Heart rhythm abnormalities
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24 hour Trauma & Fracture Care, Primary and Revision Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery
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Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, ERCP & Therapeutic Endoscopy, Endoscopic ultrasound
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Obstetrics Centre

24/7 maternity services with well-appointed Labour Room & OT, Painless Labour
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ENT Center

Endoscopic Assessment of Ear problems, Endoscopic assessment of Nose & Sinus problems
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Neonatal ICU

One Stop Solution to all healthcare needs of babies, Level III Neonatal ICU
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Latest 1.5 Tesla creator MRI (GE) with State-of-the-art applications, Mammography
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Advanced Micro Phaco cataract surgery, Diabetic full spectrum diagnostics, laser & therapy
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About 3 weeks ago from zen hospital's Twitter via Facebook


We completed a 2 month journey from diagnosis to recovery for my mother who is 83 and was suffering from achalasia. I want to take a moment to thank you, your team and the extended staff of Zen Hospital for the level of care provided. There are not enough words to describe our positive experience from your entire team and broadly from everyone at Zen. The care, dedication, empathy and discipline were exemplary. The attention to detail from everyone has resulted in a top notch experience on par with what we get in the US. My dad had surgery in the past at Jaslok in the 90s and I had surgery from a sports injury in the US so I have two reference points.
Dr. Patankar
I was suffering from devi out knee joint pain & swelling due to mild loss of joint space and also I had calcaneal spur in right leg. I took treatment from Physiotherapist Dr Dheeraj Morale at Zen Hospital OPD. I would like to mention that Dr.Dheeraj was very supportive and very helpful during my physio sessions.He use to explain the importance and proper technique of each excerise and gave vital information to take care of my knee in future. He is a well manner, punctual and knowledgeable in his profession. I express my deepest gratitude to Dr Dheeraj for the treatment given to me and relieve me from Aches and Pains.
Reshma lad
My father was admitted to the ICU at Zen hospital in April 2018 and was there for three weeks. He received excellent medical care from Dr. Anant Gore and Dr. Vikrant shah. The RMOs, ward boys and sisters were caring and efficient. My father recovered from his critical condition but he was very weak and not very coherent. Dr. Dheeraj Morale was the physiotherapist who helped him get his strength back. Dr. Dheeraj was successful at getting my father to do the physical and mental exercises that were very difficult for him initially. He was patient, firm and encouraging. He was also great at explaining the benefits of all the exercises which motivated my father todo them I am grateful to Zen Hospital and its staff for what they did for my father and highly recommend it.
I suffer from reflux diseases with Hiatal Hernia and Barrett's Esophagus. I take 4 to 5 opinon from Gastroenterologist specialist & they all suggest for Fundoplication surgery & for this they guide for Dr, Roy Patankar at Zen Hospital, Chembur, Mumbai. Dr. Roy Patankar is only one laproscopy surgeon in India who can make this type of surgery with 100% result. And finally I did this at Zen Hospital, Chembur, Mumbai by Dr. Roy Patankar. Really one of the best hospital in town, and Dr. Roy patankar is also best. I think there is no word of failure in his dictionary. Within 24 hours I feel ok & within 48 hours of my surgery I feel normal. Supporting all doctors team is also best.Further staff & other team members are also very cooperative,heliping & carring...
Manish Mashru
Dear Dr. Patankar,

This email bears reference to the surgery I underwent at Zen Hospital, Chembur as per the following details:
Date of Admission: 15th March 2018
Date of Surgery: 15th March 2018
Date of Discharge: 17th March 2018
Room Number: 601
Surgery for: Bilateral Inguinal Hernia

For the above, I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards your entire team and you. Your staff are a great bunch of individuals; they were professional, polite, prompt and extremely compassionate. In particular, I would like to mention the following individuals:
1. Seema at the OPD reception - she has always been very helpful and forthcoming in her conversations and interactions with us.
2. The Nurse who managed by discharge on 17th March - while I am unable to recollect her name, she was extremely good. Top of the list.
3. Sister Jenny and Sister Sheila
4. The ward boys - Ankush and two others. While they have the most challenging job in the world, all of them were super patient and helpful. I would not have been able to get through the two days without their unflinching support.

I would also like to mention that Dr. Ajeet was very accessible and supportive during the post surgery check-ups and advice.
I also feel that your Hospital has a training process that seems to be working well as most of the staff seem to demonstrate a certain consistency in behavior and expressions.
Overall, you have a great team and a great hospital. I cannot thank your team and you enough.
Please do keep up the excellent work...
Ankur Kansal
Hello Dr. Patankar
I am writing this mail to you to share our experience with Zen Hospital.
My husband, Rajesh Neelakantan, was feeling breathless on 25th Feb late night/26th early morning. I drove him straight to Casualty ward at Zen Hospital.
The staff attended to him immediately and the whole process followed was remarkable. The protocols were followed and I was kept informed about all the medication that they were administering to him. We had to admit him immediately to get his oxygen saturation under control though his vitals were normal. I really appreciate the way the attending Doctor communicated the same, without exaggerating the situation unnecessarily.
I wish I had taken down names to personally thank them for their care and attention extended that night. But Please do convey our gratitude to the staff at Casualty, Security, Reception and HDU. Last but not the least, a big Thank you to Dr. Vikrant Shah for attending immediately and guiding us so well.

Thank you so much for bringing up such a multispeciality hospital in Chembur with a team of experienced Doctors and well trained medical staff.
Lalita Rajesh
With profound gratitude, I would like to express my sincere thanks to entire team of Doctors, Nurses, Support staff for excellent service provided to my mother Smt. Shyamadevi Sharma who was admitted at hospital during 26.10.2017 to 30.10.2017.
It was my first experience with Zen Hospital and the care and concern shown by hospital was outstanding. The professionalism in each and every aspect and activity of Hospital was profoundly visible. Business Relation Team was very helpful during admission and discharge procedure. We are indeed blessed to have such a caring team of professionals at Zen Hospital to provide help and support at the time of distress and suffering.
Once again, my sincere thanks to entire team of Doctors, Nurses and Support staff.
M S Sharma
General Manager (H,S&E) / Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
Dear Sir,
I am delighted to share my latest experience with the Zen Hospital which was truly awesome.
On Saturday,15th July,2017 when the Casualty Department recommended for Admission, I immediately spoke to the TPA Head Mr Prashant Pawar and told him that since it was Saturday, the credit note will come only on Monday when the office opens and the very first sentence Mr Pawar said, I quote “Don’t worry sir, we are making necessary arrangement for your father’s admission and rest assured we will provide our best of services” was so assuring that immediately I felt big relief and smoothing effect deep inside my heart. And afterwards till today, when my father is being discharged, every day has been truly blissful. Even on every telephonic conversation, Mr Pawar was always very forthcoming and talked with lots of warmth.
Special Thanks to Dr. Vikrant Shah under whom my father was admitted for his excellent line of treatment and his cheerful disposition. I found him to be one of the best doctors with whom I have ever come across. Thanks to all the RMOs and numerous nursing staff who were extremely helpful and were truly service oriented. I am happy to share with you that several times, I have been to so called star hospitals like HINDUJA,LILAVATI etc but undoubtedly the kind of services provided at your hospital were far better than those hospitals.
At the last but not the least, I thank you for setting up such a well-equipped and ultra-modern hospital at Chembur which is truly a GEM of Chembur.
Thank You!
Mukesh Yadav
Manager -IS(F) / ERP Centre
Dear Dr. Roy Patankar, First of all a big thanks and also happy that everything went well with my surgery. I really appreciate the care taken by you and especially your nursing staff during and after the surgery. I was impressed by the standard maintained by you in your hospital. One special mention of a nurse, who was in the night duty (whose name I could not get). I found her to be very efficient and conducted herself with dignity and professionalism. I think such employees are an asset to any organization. Having said that, most of your nursing staff and ward boys were very attentive and helpful. Finally, I congratulate you once again on the prestigious award you received in the presence of Hon. Chief Minister, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. I am sure you will continue your endeavor even to better the standards of your hospital in all areas. This, I am sure, will be a pride for all Chemburites.

Best regards
Uday Kamath
Uday Kamath
Hi Dr Roy Let me start by thanking you for giving such excellent treatment for my wife Vijaya I have no words to express my gratitude This is just one more addition to all your previous accomplishments Chembur is fortunate to have a hospital like zen which provides medical services of utmost quality to all its citizens Besides the medical and surgical management we were also impressed by the administrative and nursing staff of the hospital. The nursing staff was very caring and performed their duties with proficiency and compassion The administrative department was also very polite and efficient and made the admission and discharge procedures very hassle free The rooms were very spacious and comfortable and always kept clean I would strongly recommend Zen to all my friends and associates

Regards Dr Mohan iyer
Dr Mohan iyer
We all really appreciated the treatment we got. Dr Vikrant was very helpful and explained everything v nicely and clearly. The facilities for the relatives in the room downstairs are very good and clean. The system of calling the relatives for update after the rounds is nice. Dr Ashish Soneji is the best! Very compassionate and helpful. He is a GEM! The staff was very courteous. We were at the best place.

Thanks for everything .
Dr. Tejal Wagh
I am writing this letter to you to thank you for providing me relief from my long-standing problem of GERD and Hiatus Hernia. I was suffering from GERD for more than ten years. The antacid medication provided little relief. Very often in the nights, the food would come out thru nose, causing great discomfort and forcing me to sleep in either inclined or sitting posture. My brother Dr. Sharad Gaikwad suggested me to consult you for this. After consultation and initial tests, you suggested to undergo laparoscopic operation i.e. Nissen’s Fundoplication. The operation was performed by you on 5th Jan 2016 and I was discharged from the hospital on 7th Jan 2016. Now, it is one year after the operation and I am very happy to inform you that I did not have a single bout of reflux after the operation and I am having very sound sleep without any disturbance. Also, I have completely stopped the antacid medication. I once again sincerely thank you for giving proper treatment to my long-standing aliment. Further, I wish all the best to you in future.
Vijay W. Gaikwad
I am writing to inform you that your patient and my brother Shaibu Juma from Tanzania passed away on 3rd December 2016 and was laid to rest on 5th December. He died of the complications which you professionally narrated and wrote to us! On behalf of the family and myself, I would like to thank you and all the Doctors and staff who fought the battle of trying to save the life of our Son and brother Shaibu in vain. We nonetheless appreciate your professionalism and please keep it on! Regards, Minister Membe (Rtd).
Shaibu Juma
I was admitted under your care for a laparoscopic procedure for the correction of my right inguinal hernia on to 12th of April 2016 into a private classic room , no. 605 , in the Zen hospital. I would like to convey my very sincere appreciation of your facility which not only met, but surpassed my expectations. Since this has been my very first invasive procedure. Read more...
Sundar Narayan
I had an excellent stay. The hospitality is very good and the staff including the nurses in all the staff are very helpful and caring. The hospital facilities and rooms are top quality. The food serves was excellent quality and taste all the very best. Keep it up.
Liba Verghese Mathew
Efficient and Pleasent staff. Very Helpfull. Arun specially is super sweet towards patients. Kudos to all. Keep the smile pls it really help the patient & their relatives. Thank You!!!
Mr. Shashank Gupta
Very good service. Good attention given to the patient. the staff is very co-operative. always available when called for.
Sujata Sehgal
Felt like home (apart from sickness) staffs are very caring and helpful with smiling face. Janette sister, SiJi sister took good care Thank you! Not only here everyone is good even with our relatives asking too many question you have answered them patiently. My mom felt very pleased keep up the good work & smile on you. We can leave a person at your care without hesitation. Thank You!
Mrs. S Sumathi
Firstly we loved the hospitality given by staff to us. They were very friendly and always on their toes to serve us. The rooms are very clean and hygiene. We, Specially thank Dr. Roy Patankar and his colleagues for his treatment, love and care. Thank You All.
Mr. Prabodh B Dedhia
It's the first surgical or for that matter a hospital experience for me, and hence needless to stay i had been extremely anxious. I would like to thank everyone who from my admission to discharge have been extremely patient and understanding. The house keeping staff has been unbelievably prompt. The nurses are all extremely polite, efficient and very very warm. Their continuous smiling faces have made the surgery and the stress attached to it made my recovery very manageable & easy. Even the catering staff is very amiable. All in all I am extremely happy to chosen Zen hospital for my first (and hopefully last) hospital experience. Thank you Dr. R Bradoo for the fabulous treatment, Sincere apologies to the nurses for vomiting and being dizzy and calling them at all times of the night. This is a great team. Thank you for making my stay so pleasant. And apologies to the surgical team who had to hear me blabbing through my anesthesia.
Nikita M. Dhond
I was admitted under Dr. Roy Patankar for an appendectomy. The surgery staff was a dream team for anyone wanting the best of service for any gastroenterology related surgery. Dr. Vishakha has been wonderful to us since our first meeting. A big thank you to Dr. Roy for everything he has done for me. Joy / Zen Hospital although brand new is well equipped & is a top notch medical facility. The staff is warm & attentive. My only issue being communication gap & construction noise had to face in my recovery. That being said i would like to emphasis that the staff went above & beyond to make my stay pleasant. A big thank you from my family & to the team of Dr. Roy & staff of Zen Hospital. I shall definitely recommend both to anyone who requires similar services.
Manasi Manjreta
7 stars service all the nurses are really really nice and kind and Dr. Shah is a really really good doctor didn't trusted any other doctor but have my full trust on Dr. Shah. Keep up the good work. Super fantastic Dr. Shah & all other assisting doctors, all nurse and cleaning staff did an outstanding job kudos. God Bless Zen Hospital.
Ruby Ratwani
- Hospital & staff are very nice. - Food is also nice. - The A/C should be placed in another direction and not facing the patient. - Cleanliness & Hygienic conditions are very good & maintain the same. We do appreciate the co-operation & service extended by your staff. We expect the same in near future.
Paras K. Chhaied

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