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Sundar Narayan

I was admitted under your care for a laparoscopic procedure for the correction of my right inguinal hernia on to 12th of April 2016 into a private classic room , no. 605 , in the Zen hospital. I would like to convey my very sincere appreciation of your facility which not only met, but surpassed my expectations. Since this has been my very first invasive procedure. ( though minimally ) , I was besieged with apprehensions about the choice of a hospital. I had first approached Fortis at Vashi, since we live at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, that was a natural choice. However, our Doctor at Panvel whom we always rely upon for a sincere and appropriate advice (Dr. Bhide) told me with no element of ambiguity that Dr. Roy Patankar of Joy hospital had to be the choice and to look no further.

I would like to tell you that your facility is being managed very beautifully leaving no scope for identifying any shortcomings, however keen the observer may be. The room wore a very clean and sanitised look, the furnishings fresh and the staff very courteous. The food provided in the hospital looked very clean and hygienic, and tastes good too.

The check-in procedure happened at a reasonable pace too, except that we were not given the room that was committed, the reason stated being the need to provide it to another patient who came the day before, although there were other vacant rooms available, albeit lower in its grade.

If at all something needs to be addressed, maybe , only a more guaranteed reservation policy to be put in place, since this builds the impression on the arriving patient.

That apart, it was extremely pleasing to note that there were no deviations between the estimate and the actual bill that followed.

I would like to conclude by wishing you the very best in all further enhancements that you may seek to bring about at Zen. I also wish that the charming smile and the exuded confidence of yours that is so comforting to your patients be forever.

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