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“Holding your baby can never be ‘too’ much”, proves Science


Mother holding sleeping baby girl

November 21, 2018

“Holding your baby can never be ‘too’ much”, proves Science |

Happy news to all new parents who’ve been worrying about spoiling their new born just “too” much. While you are calculating and analysing what are the exact right amount of cuddles you should be giving your baby so that he doesn’t get literally latched to you in his years of growth, Science proves that cuddling actually has a number of benefits!

A recent study shows that babies, especially preemies, undergo smooth and timely brain development when they are cuddled early and often!

Facts narrate that touching your baby and cuddling up into a ball of love with them plays some essentially needed role in brain development. It is called “Kangaroo Care – The Science of Skin – To – Skin Contact”.

The benefits of Kangaroo Care are discussed as follows:
1. Makes adaptation easier for the baby:

The baby had a cosy time inside the womb. It’s out, into the world now and will have a hard time adapting to a lot of things. One such aspect is the temperature. While your skin has the temperature same as the womb (varies negligibly), it makes easier for the baby to comfortably adjust to the temperature of it’s surrounding. Cuddling makes its easier for them.

2. Enhances brain development:

Research and comparison between results showed that babies who were cuddled showed better signs of brain development at 15 years of age as compared to babies who were kept in incubators.

3. Boosts immunity:

Babies, most importantly preemies, are prone to a lot of infections due to their weak immune systems. Skin – to – skin care reduces the risk factors and makes babies naturally stronger.

4. Increases milk supply:

The cuddling romance between a mother and her baby can balance out lactation hormones. This helps mothers to produce more milk.

5. Stronger bonding with Dad:

Dads who cuddled their babies had a deep and strong connection with their babies. Turns out, the Kangaroo Care is not just limited to mothers.

How can you give your baby the “Kangaroo Care”?

Kangaroo Care is highly recommended for the first 20 weeks of life. The sign that alarms you to now let go off the cuddling is when your baby begins to fuss about it and get off your chest.

Follow the given below steps:
– Get seated comfortably in a dimly lit, quiet room.
– Position your baby on your bare chest with his diaper on for a minimum of 20 minutes.
– The father and the mother, both, can provide quality and sufficient Kangaroo Care to the

Kangaroo Care is oxygen to the connection between your baby and you. Do not miss out on it.

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